A Day at the Office

I know, not the most promising title for a largely wildlife blog and I have to say I did not see a lot, but that is not to say there was nothing of interest. At lunchtime I got out into the garden and the pond had a surprise in store. There were lots of small white moths flying about low over the surface, at least 30 or 40. When one landed I could see that they were small china-mark moths. The light was not great but I got a picture anyway and I was not that unhappy with it in the end.

small china-mark, male

small china-mark, male

All the moths were males, the females usually only fly after dark, which does make me wonder what these were doing flying about in the day. Apparently males often fly in the daytime, I assume they are searching for newly emerging females. These are remarkable moths, there are a few species china-mark moths and they have aquatic larvae, that’s right caterpillars that can live underwater, eating water plants of various types. The small china-mark eats plants like duckweed and bur-reed, but there are others that eat all kinds of water plants. There are also several species that have come into this country with the aquatic plant trade, mainly from the tropics, but most cannot survive outdoors and live only in glasshouses or tropical houses.

Tomorrow I am at Farlington again, this time working with a corporate volunteering group from the Co-op.

I should have mentioned the other day that the meeting I attended after work on Tuesday allowed me to fulfil a minor ambition, I was given a donation cheque for £100 from the West Bedhampton Resident Association for the reserve, for which many thanks to them. The great thing was that the cheque was one of those giant ones that used to get presented to with pools winners and such like people, sadly I do not have a picture to share of this event, but should one come to light…




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