Up Close Hoppers and a Distant Mullet Hawk

Rob and I went over to Swanwick to meet Emma and then we all tried move the cattle from the North-east Meadow into the Flat Meadow. It nearly worked, but then they started to have other ideas and we thought better of it and will try again on Monday when we will have more help. We then went over to Farlington to look at a range of up-coming tasks and make a few plans. In the course of this we walked round the reserve. At the Lake there was affair roost of waders including a green sandpiper and a spotted redshank as well as good flocks of redshank, black-tailed godwit and grey plover. The number of wigeon continues to increase with at least 83 today. Near the viewpoint we saw several bearded tit and on the fence beside the Lake 2 whinchat. In the Point Field there were lots of grasshoppers on the path, looking closely they were all lesser marsh grasshopper.

lesser marsh grasshopper

lesser marsh grasshopper

Other birds on the way around included a wheatear, a few more whinchat and thirty or more yellow wagtail. Looking out into the Harbour the highlight was the osprey perched in the dead trees on North Binness island, below is a sparkling picture of it, no doubt awards will pour in!

osprey and crow

osprey and crow

The Marsh is getting very dry now and the grass is mostly brown so it is something of a surprise to see how lush and flower covered the patches of fleabane are, no doubt very welcome for any nectar seeking insects.



We did not see many insects, although there were a few clouded yellow around we saw them at Farlington and Swanwick today.

Most of the day’s insects were those in the moth trap at Beechcroft first thing, highlights were frosted orange and centre-barred sallow.


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