Wasps, Mullet Hawks and Ducks

I had a very varied day today, I started in the office with a few calls and emails, then off to Swanwick to see how the Access to Nature youth volunteers were getting on and check the cattle. Then it was off to Radio Solent to do an interview about wasps, the usual “Why are there so many just now?” and “What use are they anyway?” kind of thing. In case you are wondering it is the good weather and they are really useful for making more wasps.

Then it was off to Farlington to see more cattle and have another go at sorting out problems with the cattle trough in North Marsh. I fixed it the other day and although it now works the water pressure was low, today I found the trough in the Aerial Field had been vandalised, after I fixed this the pressure seemed to be better, so hopefully things will be okay now.

I had a meeting to end the day In Havant, but as it did not start until 6:30 I had just time to make a quick circuit of the Marsh. On the way I saw at least 17 whinchat, 3 wheatear, and out in the Harbour 2 osprey, with reports of a third. There were also reports of a wryneck, but they were so vague as to location that it was not possible to go and look for it in any meaningful way and time did not allow a more general search. The Lake roost is getting smaller as the tides move onto neaps, but there were still a good few birds. The picture includes the following species: black-tailed godwit, redshank, dunlin, teal, wigeon. pintail, mallard and shoveler at least.

wader roost on the Lake

wader roost on the Lake

It seems that there has been a further arrival of wildfowl as there were 37 wigeon today and the 4 pintail were also new.

In case you are wondering “Mullet Hawk” is an old name for Osprey and reflects their preferred prey along the south coast, in fact one of the birds I saw was eating a mullet in one of the trees on North Binness.


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