A Peacock of the Third Kind

We had a meeting at the office this morning and Rob had the foresight to run the moth trap last night so we had a little wildlife to start the day. Nothing of great note but a female black arches was nice to see. Males make up the majority of the moth catch for almost all species, probably because they fly about more on the hunt for females. I think every black arches I have seen has had a slightly different pattern of black on white, this female was quite sparsely, but boldly, marked.

black arches female

black arches female

As it warmed up later the white buddleia by the back wall of the office was attracting lots of butterflies including at least five small tortoiseshell.

small tortoiseshell

small tortoiseshell

There was also a comma and a few peacock. There was also a female peacock of the feathered kind calling loudly in the field just over the fence from the butterflies and we had also caught a sharp angled peacock moth in the trap earlier.



We were at Farlington later to check up on the cattle. The tide was rising and there were good numbers of waders on the Lake, including a good few magnificent grey plover on full breeding plumage, surely one of the smartest of all birds. There had also been a very obvious arrival of black-tailed godwit since yesterday and they included the first juvenile birds of the autumn. Otherwise the only obvious migrant was a single wheatear near the Willow Pool.

A day of paperwork to come tomorrow so I don’t suppose I will have much to post about, but you never know.


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