Of Emperors and Admirals

I was in the office for a good part of the day today, not generally my favourite place to be on a sunny day, but at least today it was cooler inside. However I had to go out first thing to deal with a snapped branch at Swanwick and meet up with Emma and the volunteers. Although it was rather hot for working it was brilliant for butterflies as it has been for the last few days. As though to confirm this Emma reported seeing a male purple emperor by Centre Lake at Swanwick on Saturday, a species I have not seen for many years.

I did get out in the afternoon and on my way over to check the cattle at Farlington I stopped off at Hookheath Meadows, which were alive with butterflies, including several white admiral and silver-washed fritillary, both looking immaculate having just emerged. The heat meant that they were all very active and evaded all attempts at getting pictures.

On to Farlington and the hunt for the cattle, I know it does not sound too much of a task to count cattle in a field, but it can be surprisingly difficult. They crowd together so it is hard to work out where one starts and another ends and they sit down on undulating ground in long grass adding to the problems and that is just in open fields, add in bushes and it gets almost impossible at times. Anyway I managed to find most of them with the aid of a telescope!

In the process I had to go onto the seawall at the viewpoint so I also counted the waders on the Lake at high tide these included 3 dunlin in fine summer plumage, 263 redshank, 249 oystercatcher and 80 black-tailed godwit, including many in fine red summer plumage, just back from Iceland.


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