Almost a block too far

Monday I was joined by the Beechcroft volunteers with the task of installing a new gate in the Hay field at Farlington.

 The Hayfield is notorious for getting unruly cows out of as the access gate is half way along a fence line. When we tried to remove the cows at the end of last year we noticed they tended to head for the top corner directly opposite the gate for the main marsh. So we decided this would be a pretty good place to put a new gate, the old concrete track however didn’t make our job easy!

 We started by cutting the old fence line and placing our gate opening. We then spent the next 2-3hrs digging 2 3ft deep holes. One was fairly hard going by normal standards finding several large blocks of concrete but the other was almost impossible. You could say rock hard! It took 6 of us in rotation to beat the numerous inches of concrete into submission.  

Concrete central

The block – Concrete central

 All the hard work payed off and just after lunch we had 2 holes for our gate posts right where we wanted them and at the end of the day we had got the bones of the structure completed.

Now we're getting somewhere

Now we’re getting somewhere

Installing the gate hinges

Installing the gate hinges

 Yesterday I was joined by the Farlington volunteers to complete the job. We installed the all the hanging gear (hinges and closing latches) speedily and had the wire installed on the new straining post in no time.  The job was finished just after lunch. Not early enough to miss a quick soaking from a rouge rain shower though.

All done and getting soggy in the rain

All done and getting soggy in the rain

Hope the cows realise the hard work gone into this new gate and use it rather than giving us the run around the meadow.Rob


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