Saturday 1 – A Grain or Two of Pollen in the Air

At last it seems that summer has arrived, Saturday started a bit cool but soon warmed up into more or less the first really summery day. Farlington Marshes are at their flowery and grassy best, the marshes are home of over fifty species of grass, a testament to the history of grazing and lack of herbicide and fertiliser use as well as the variety of habitats.

meadow flowers and grasses

meadow flowers and grasses

Of course all these grasses are flowers too, it is easy to forget it but grasses are fully paid up members of the flowering plants, although they don’t go in for all those fancy petals. Rather than attract insects to spread their pollen about they just set it free into the air, as all hay fever suffers everywhere will know only too well. Saturday was a perfect day for grasses to be casting their pollen abroad and I sneezed my way around the marsh as proof of this. Although grasses may not go in for flashy petals they can none the less look pretty good.

crested dog's tail

crested dog’s tail

At least I think it is crested dog’s tail, in close up it does look rather good.

crested dog's tail close up

crested dog’s tail close up

Other grasses come in other colours.

grass in flower

grass in flower

Once I got into looking at the flowers of unconsidered things I noticed the somewhat chaotic flowers of sea club rush.

sea club rush flowers

sea club rush flowers

I think this last one is glaucous bulrush, but I am not totally certain about this.

bulrush flowers

bulrush flowers



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