A Few Pictures

As I have failed to get any pictures over the last few days I will post a few from a recent foray beyond usual haunts, but still with in Hampshire. On the 2nd June I went up to Martin Down, always well worth a summer visit and although I failed to see or hear and turtle dove or corn bunting I did see a good few butterflies including marsh fritillary.

marsh fritillary

marsh fritillary

As well as being very smartly patterned they look to me as though they are wearing fur coats! There were also good numbers of small blue flying, although they are not very co-operative when it comes to getting their picture as they usually rest with wings only partly opened.

small blue head-down

small blue head-down

Grizzled and dingy skippers were flying and eventually I got a picture of a pair of dingy skipper just prior to mating, the smaller, browner male was walking slowly around the female after a fluttering chasing flight.

dingy skipper pair

dingy skipper pair


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