Very little to report from Farlington today, the persistent drizzle reduced the number of volunteers and everyone’s enthusiasm for spending the day outside. Luckily I have been wanting to give the old office in the Building a clear out for ages and so today we did it. Although we actually threw out very little we gained an immense amount of space and found all sorts of items, including some mystery ones. I was pleased to see that the pile of pottery fragments I collected years ago from near one of the hearth sites was still there, they are likely to be Romano-British. It was a bit disappointing to find that the 19thC shrapnel and musket balls had gone  along with the old clay pipes dug up from near the Scrape years ago.

Unsurprisingly there were few birds to report, the Stream was being visited by a lot of gulls all day and these included at least 10 Mediterranean gull and all three large gulls.



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