A Wet Day for Waders

Today was one of those when the delight of a job in the open air wears a bit thin. I arrived at Farlington in the rain, we then worked for four hours with the volunteers, in the rain and I went to check the Lake at the end of the afternoon, in the rain. However some brave volunteers did turn up and we did get a useful task done, sorting out the gateway into the north-east slip field and spudding some of the thistles on the east wall.

I nearly didn’t go down to the Lake at the end of the task, it was raining pretty hard by then, but the knowledge that it wa sa particularly big tide today and the fact of the rain drew me on. I knew the big spring tide would push the waders from the Harbour onto the marsh and especially the Lake and the rain would have forced birds flying over to drop into the Harbour rather than continues migrating, so there was a chance of seeing some birds. And so it proved, there were at least 85 dunlin, all in fine summer plumage, 15 or so ringed plover, a grey plover and a curlew sandpiper, all bound for the high Arctic but not willing to fly on through the foul weather.

As well as the migrant waders the spoonbill was still there and it had been joined by 3 avocet. All in all a good end to a very wet day.


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