A New Flame and Lots of Ferns

We were working at Swanwick again today doing a range of tasks as is the way at this time of year when large projects tend to be fewer. One of the thing I did was to repair a bench near the Centre, this involved having to lie on the ground to fit some new bolts and as I did so I spotted a newly emerged moth, still in the act of inflating its wings. The wings were large enough to identify it as a flame shoulder, a common species whose caterpillars eat a wide range of low growing plants.

freshly emerged flame shoulder

freshly emerged flame shoulder

We also made ready for the imminent arrival of the cattle onto the north-east meadow and measured up the impassable path alongside New Lake to see if we can make it useable again. Then there are the continuing preparations for the reserve’s 20th birthday next month.

All through the reserve there seem to be masses of ferns unfurling, in places hundreds of plants together, I think they look at their best as they uncurl.

fern unfurling

fern unfurling



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