First Chicks and Last Rafts

Two days in one again. Wednesday saw me in the office all morning, a bit strategic as it was raining for most of the time, but I did get down to Farlington in the afternoon to check the cattle and lapwing. I was pleased to see my first lapwing chicks of the year with broods near the Scrape and Deeps, both were only small so they have a long way to go. Several other pairs seem to have failed, but a good few are still sitting, so there may well be other chicks very soon.

Generally the reserve seemed quiet though with just a few swift, swallow and a couple of sand martin hawking for insects over the fields. When the sun came put there were a few insects including quite a number of hoverflies visiting buttercup flowers, these two seemed to getting on well.

Eristalinus sepulchralis

Eristalinus sepulchralis

There was also a Helophilus trivittatus, my first this year, this is the larger cousin of the common H. pendulus.

Helophilus trivittatus

Helophilus trivittatus

Looking out over the Harbour around high tide I did see a drake red-breasted merganser.

North-east Langstone Harbour

North-east Langstone Harbour

At the Lake a single greenshank and a grey plover were roosting and along the Stream 6 ringed plover, 7 dunlin and 2 common sandpiper.

Today I was at Blashford again to finish the task of putting gout the tern rafts and in rather better conditions than on Monday.

tern raft with terns

tern raft with terns

I eventually got all four out and three of them had common tern on when I left, although the other had black-headed gulls.

Ivy Lake

Ivy Lake



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