A “Terner” Prize Contender?

At Farlington again today working with the volunteers on the raft and a few other jobs in the sunshine. We made good progress with the raft and perhaps we will be able to float it next Tuesday.

raft nearly done

raft nearly done

The pumice still needs to go on and the parts that had to be repaired could not be painted today, I hope to do them on Friday. We have included a false tide line as it is suggested that the terns use the tide line as a guide when choosing the nest site. The collection of materials is almost worthy of a work of art, perhaps it is, if I say it is.

The sun brought out a good few insects and both butterfly transects were redone to much better effect. There were also more other insects out, near the Building I found an Eristalinus sepulchralis, another species with spotted eyes, it breeds in marshes, but unlike the species I pictured the other day it is not restricted to the coast.

Eristalinus sepulchralis

Eristalinus sepulchralis

There were also a few more brightly coloured one like this Helophilus pendulus which landed on the raft as I was working.

Helophilus pendulus

Helophilus pendulus

I did not hear of many sightings today, 5 wheatear and the spotted redshank being about the best. there was also a report of a black swan, but strangely, although it was on the Lake only one person reported seeing it!


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