Swanwick Sandpiper

It was Monday so I was working at Swanwick Lakes with the volunteers, in addition the Beechcroft team were also working there so we got a whole range of tasks done across a wide area of the reserve. It was a great day to be out in the sunshine, although there were not as many insects as I had hoped due to a cool breeze. There were a few migrant birds about including a cuckoo, willow warbler, a sedge warbler and a common sandpiper. the last two were on Ben’s Lake and the sandpiper would seem to be the first reserve record. The lake edges have quiet an attractive flora in places with patches of marsh marigold in full bloom now and lots of marsh orchid leaves giving promise of flowers to come.

marsh marigold

marsh marigold

Although the numbers of insects were not what I had hoped for there were some about including butterflies, peacock, comma and brimstone, a few of the commoner hoverflies and the site’s two bee-flies. The further sightings of dotted bee-fly are especially gratifying, Jess told me she saw one last week too, it seems we certainly have a population of them. It seems that one of the other Hampshire sites for them is Martin Down, an all round insect hotspot.

Tomorrow we are working at Farlington, taking another step towards the ultimate little tern raft (ok, I may be over-egging it a little I admit).


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