Tales from the HQ Trap (Week 17)

Yes! It seems like spring is finally in full swing! After a day in the sun at Farlington yesterday, my sun burnt arms can prove the sun has defiantly got some warmth now…. With all this new warmth trees are starting to show off their vibrant lime green leaves and there are even a few butterflies on the wing! Very exciting that winter is loosing its icey grip.

1st Generation Early Thorn (Selenia dentaria)

1st Generation Early Thorn (Selenia dentaria)

After missing a whole week’s moth trapping last week after being busy with one thing or another I was pretty excited about getting the trap out this week. Minimum temperatures were up (8.5°C) and we had two new species for the year; Early Thorn (Selenia dentaria) and Herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix). It is thought the thorn (above) is the 1st generation as the summer generations are smaller and brighter with large orange patches on the underwing. Interestingly this is the only British thorn species which rests its wings closed in this butterfly like position. We also found the melanic form of a Brindled Pug (f.hirschkai). This is a darker form devoid of many wing markings.

Melanic Brindled Pug (f.hirschkei)

Melanic Brindled Pug (f.hirschkei)

Trap Count
23/04/13 (Week 17)                (8.5°C)
Common Quaker   (5)
Hebrew Character   (6)
Small Quaker   (4)
Early Thorn   (1)
Herald   (1)
Brindled Pug   (1)
Brindled Pug (f.hirschkei)   (1)

As this is turning into abit of a weekly feature keep your eyes peeled for more tales from the HQ trap next week.



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