Boxes, Butterflies and Bullace

A fabulous day of bright sunshine and butterflies and a great day to be working at Farlington Marshes with the volunteers. We were working on the rafts and shelduck nesting boxes again. A couple of the boxes were completed and dug into a bank beside the Main Marsh.

shelduck box installed

shelduck box installed

It was really warm and for the first time this year we had butterflies about in some numbers. By the Building we saw small tortoiseshell, green-veined white and brimstone. The green-veined white was the first spring hatching species I had seen this year, which is to say not a species that over-winters as a hibernating adult. Chris Cockburn also saw a speckled wood, another specie sin this same category. Of course butterflies need flowers to feed from and there are a fair few about now, lots of the blackthorn is flowering and along the farm track we have a bullace, now in full flower and with similar blooms to blackthorn but a good bit larger.

Bullace flowers

Bullace flowers

I saw rather few birds of note, a spotted redshank on the Stream being about the best. A little tern was reported in the Harbour and in the afternoon a pair of peregrine were disturbing the birds on the fields.



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