In a Haze

A glorious sunny day, although not that warm in the south-easterly breeze but at least it felt spring-like with singing skylarks and displaying lapwings scattered across the Marsh. There had been some arrival of migrants as there were good numbers of whitethroat, reed warbler and a fair few sedge warbler around. In the Bushes as I checked the cattle I heard and then saw a lesser whitethroat, in fact there were two. The Bushes at Farlington have always been a good place to see lesser whitethroat, they are not rare but often quite thinly distributed so the regular three or so pairs in the Bushes make a reliable place to see and hear them.



I tried but failed to get a picture of the lesser whitethroat.

We got an extra lot of cattle today, so now there are 30 out on the Main Marsh as well, hopefully the grass will start to grow in earnest soon, it is certainly looking greener for a few days of better weather.

Walking round the seawall in the morning I saw at least 4 wheatear, a male yellow wagtail and lots of whitethroat. I also had a good look for nesting lapwing, I reckon there are at least 25 territories with at least eleven sitting on nests, there also seem to be quite a few pairs of redshank displaying, although some of these will nest out on the saltmarsh. Other birds of interest in the morning were 2 avocet on the stream, 10 or so whimbrel and an adult male peregrine.

In the non-bird category a sea slater on top of the seawall at the Point was a bit unusual, these giant woodlice usually stay closer to the tide line.

sea slater

sea slater

I ate my lunch by the Building, outside for a change at the viewpoint, one of the local mute swan had designs on my sandwich, but got none of it.

The Stream with mute swan

The Stream with mute swan

By the afternoon the heat haze over the Harbour made looking any distance very difficult although it did give a curious quality to everything.

looking down the Harbour in a haze

looking down the Harbour in a haze


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