Afloat and Not Afloat

Both I and Rob were working with the volunteers at Swanwick today. Rob was in the North-east meadow clearing scrub regrowth with the Beechcroft volunteer team and I was at the Centre with the regular Swanwick volunteers, although for most of the morning Dawn was looking after them as I had a meeting elsewhere.

The afternoon was spent afloat again, weed clearing in the Centre Lake, although I was afloat, a good few of the ducks were not. Two or more were sitting on top of the Centre roof for much of the time.

mallard on the roof

mallard on the roof

We got our weed clearance done, a good thing as I don’t think my knees would hold out for another session. As we were around the lake I spotted two swallows and heard and saw a reed warbler, my first of the year. It seems the reed warbler had been there since the 6th of April, which this year is pretty early, it could even have been the first one reported in Hampshire.

There was some drama as well. As we put the tools away I could hear the local mistle thrushes making a tremendous racket, then I saw the reason, a crow near their nest behind the Centre. Although I cannot be certain, I think it raided their nest, so they will probably have to try again. With the more spring-like weather there are now great tits nest-building in the nestbox with the camera displayed in the classroom. Behind the Centre a brood of mallard ducklings were also wandering about well away from the lake.

mallard brood

mallard brood


One thought on “Afloat and Not Afloat

  1. Mallard brood photo is lovely! Saw my first swallow flying over Avon Heath Country Park on Sunday. Spring is here at last.

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