Spring Struggling to get Through

The volunteers were working at Swanwick today, it is testament to the fortitude of our volunteers that we had a good turn out despite what can only really be described as miserable weather. It was cold and rained throughout the working time, rather cruelly it stopped just as we finished work. Tasks included completing the clearance of the island in Centre Lake, although the rain prevented a fire, despite valiant efforts, the cattle trough was cleaned out and the paths had a trim along their edges before the growing season gets underway.

It might not have felt like spring but there was a mistle thrush singing almost continuously through the day and great spotted woodpeckers drumming. Above the bird feeders a male siskin was singing away and in the primrose flanked pond there was common frog spawn, so spring is trying to break through.

The feeders are still being visited by a good range of birds including all the usual great and blue tits, but also nuthatch and marsh tit.

Reports from Farlington today included the red-breasted goose again along with a pale-bellied brent goose, the spoonbill was still present as was yesterday’s female marsh harrier and a water pipit in the Hayfield. I should get there eventually tomorrow, although I have a meeting to attend in the morning, so might see some of them.



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