Finally some moths !! (& other goings on)

Ok not such a catchy title but finally I have some moths in the Beechcroft moth trap!! (Might be a little too excited about this but please bear with me).

After 3 consecutive weeks of having nothing in the trap I decided to take a little break from it and watch the weather report like a hawk, waiting for the night-time temperatures to rise. Although last night was chillier than the predicted 3degrees C (in fact it was -0.1degrees C – yes I have got that nerdy to put a thermometer out with the trap) there were still a few moths on the wing. The trap managed to attract 4 moths (best night so far this year..!); 3 Chesnuts (Conistra vaccinii) and a rather lovely Oak Beauty (Biston strataria). Its hardly the catch of the century and certainly below average for this time of year, but its a start and after so many hopeful mornings only to find nothing its certainly a nice change.

I have taken some photos but you’ll have to wait as they are still on my camera and without the desired cable at work that is where they will stay until I return home. But I will update this post in due time – watch this space!

As for other goings on, we have been flat-out doing the last of our scrub clearance for this season. Luckily the chilly weather has helped in this respect. In milder years we would have had to stop doing large vegetation clearance by now as birds will have started to nest and things would be starting to grow. However the Beechcroft Team and myself have been busy at Swanwick clearing Silver Birch trees at the back of the centre, thinning dense blocks of Blackthorn scrub on Hookheath Meadows, cutting Hawthorn scrub on St Catherines hill and fencing at Winnall to name but a few.

Scrub Clearance on St. Catherines Hill

Scrub Clearance on St. Catherines Hill

Electric Fencing Nr Sparsholt

Electric Fencing Nr Sparsholt

Blue Skies at Farlington!! Lunchtime sea views.

Blue Skies at Farlington!! Lunchtime sea views.


Farlington Bittern

Farlington Bittern

Some of the Beechcroft Thursday Team (St Caths Hawthorn Thinning).

Some of the Beechcroft Thursday Team (St Caths Hawthorn Thinning).

Trap Count
15/03/2013 (Week 11)
Chestnut (Coistra vaccinii) III
Oak Beauty (Biston strataria) I



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