Travelling Spoonbill News

I was out of action today but news has reached me from Farlington. The red-breasted goose remains with the brent flock and the 2 spoonbills from yesterday were on the Deeps. One of them is colour-ringed and Martin Gillingham has been in touch with the ringing scheme and it turns out it was ringed in Oosterkwelder in the Netherlands on 10th June 2007 and regularly spends time in Norfolk and Suffolk and winters in Devon. It seems it is on the way back to Holland having made it to Westhay Nature Reserve in Somerset on the 5th March then on to Farlington yesterday. It may stay for a little while as the weather will not get much better for an onward flight to the continent in the next few days.

There was also a late report of a black brant from the Marsh yesterday, I wonder if it was one of the Portsea Island birds?

I have heard of no migrant at the Marsh yet, but there have been a few reports of wheatear, sand martin and even a swallow already in the UK, so spring is coming, even if it does not feel much like it.


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