Cold on the Inside, Swans on the Outside

Inside all day today, actually I was very pleased to be as I have managed to get a cold, not too bad this morning but a stinker by the evening, so I don’t think I will be venturing out tomorrow. I was inside at Testwood Lakes for one of our Reserves Officer’s meetings, fortunately we don’t have all that many and there is always stuff to catch up on. Not everything about working on reserves is exciting, big topics today were new rules about cattle TB testing and risk assessments.

You might think this would mean I saw not wildlife of note, but you would be wrong. When we broke for a drink at 11:00 I looked out of the window towards Testwood Lake and noticed two swans that did not look right, this was because they were not mute swans, they were wild swans. Two Bewick’s swans, an adult and a juvenile, they were sleeping and still there when I left, typical of birds that are migrating at night, they use the day to rest. They will feed when they get to one of their favoured stop overs, no problem for the adults but the juveniles sometimes need more rest stops.

Bewick's swans

Bewick’s swans

I heard a few reports from Farlington including that the red-breasted goose was there again and that there were two spoonbills, in fact there were a few of these along the coast today so they must be on the move, probably to Holland after wintering in western France and Iberia.


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