Mapping out the Reserve 1

Farlington Marshes map 2


As long promised here is a map of the southern part of Farlington Marshes. I know it is not that clear, I had to take a photograph as I could not get the file to load any other way, surely there must be a way? I will follow with a map of the area to the north of the A27 and a more detailed on eof the Bushes with the various locations marked.



5 thoughts on “Mapping out the Reserve 1

  1. Map much appreciated but I am puzzled by the apparent location of Chalk Dock within the northeast marshy fields. I understand that the seawall was created in 1773 but that Chalk Dock was used as a landing point for materials to build the Portsdown Forts which were not built until after 1861. Can you elucidate and give a location for the place where the building materials were landed?

    • There is a bit of confusion possible here, I should perhaps have called it “Chalkdock Field”. You are right the channel in the Harbour to the east of the Marsh is Chalkdock Lake. The field known as Chalkdock is characterised by having a lot of chalk nodules, perhaps material dropped after landing, although I have no confirmation of this.

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