Tales from the trap (Beechcroft Edition)

Long time no post!! Sorry readers its been a long while since Ive placed any words on these pages – Good job that Bob (robertc2011) is keeping the side up by posting the most interesting goings on from the last few weeks!

The Moth Trap

The Moth Trap

A break from my normal posts about the usual slash and burn (scrub clearance) work with the volunteers, I thought I would talk about a little surveying project I’m a little too excited about – the moth trap! After Bob and I retrieved it from the back of the shed and found all the relevant parts it was ready to be put out on the head office lawn at Botley, to see what winter night-time flyers we could attract. Over the last two weeks we have had limited success only managing to attract a single Chestnut (Conistria vallcinii) and several midgies. I take the limited number of species to be a blessing in disguise as it takes me long enough to scan through my ID book to match just one moth! Hopefully starting to trap this early on in the year I can learn more about each moth that comes in and also see the whole mothing year through, taking in the different flight times for each species. If nothing else, it gives me a lepidoptera fix until the butterflies start to emerge.

So to urge me to learn more about moths I’d like to get the trap out at least once a week at the Botley office not only to see what is flying in the area but also to help me with my moth ID and learn more species.
Here are our counts so far. Hopefully things can only get better!

Trap Count
31/01/13 (week 1) – 1 Chestnut (Conistria vallcinii).
08/02/13 (week 2) – Nothing.



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