The Unexpected

Arriving at the office at Beechcroft this morning I was greeted by a dramatic sight.

A surprise

A surprise

At sometime overnight, and thankfully after the evening meeting had ended and everyone gone home, the wind had brought down a Scots pine on the edge of the car park. If it had been daytime it would probably have crushed at least six cars and possibly some people too. The tree did not look obviously dangerous, but the broken trunk revealed the rot within, which was especially widespread near the base, which was the root of the problem.

So Rob and I spent a good bit of the morning clearing up, after a quick check to see that there was no fuel leaking. Rob wielded the chainsaw, something he is much better at than me and I lugged the logs out of the way, if I ever went to a gym I would not have needed to this evening!

Rob clearing the fallen tree

Rob clearing the fallen tree

The coming together of tree and car did no good for either, Craig’s car will not go anywhere again without the help of a low loader and the tree is now a large habitat pile.

just the car remains to go

just the car remains to go

So with most plans for the day now in tatters we set about a range of odd jobs, Rob carrying out maintenance on the brush-cutters whilst I sorted out the moth trap, which we found languishing int he shed with a few vital bits missing a couple of weeks ago. Tonight will be the first outing for the trap in a good while, unfortunately I will not be in tomorrow to see the catch. I don’t expect a lot as the night looks like being cool, but there could be things like spring usher and pale-brindled beauty, in any event it will be good to see what we get.

I ended the day at Swanwick, where three pairs of gadwall on the Centre Lake were good to see as was the new lectern, see previous post for details of these.

I am off to Blashford again tomorrow, hopefully to put up an osprey nesting platform, if all goes to plan.



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