ID and Pictures Received

I was out and about today but not on any of the reserves as it was my day off, I used it to visit a few sites on the western side of Southampton Water, just one of the areas I worked in many years ago. I visited Calshot and saw a splendid male marsh harrier, which might even have been the same one I saw at Farlington at the start of the month as they seem to move fairly freely along the coast with up to four roosting at Titchfield Haven at times. The harrier was not new for the year for me, however the 3 black redstarts I saw just inside the Fawley Power Station fence were, always good to see, but especially so as there were two adult males, with black faces and bibs, charcoal grey bodies, white wing flashes and red tails. My list was then added to by a red-legged partridge in the gateway to Lepe Country Park and a Mediterranean gull on the shore there was also new. I confess that the partridge was not the first I had seen this year, although the other one was dead and I very tasty! I then added a razorbill off Hythe pier to make four new birds for the year, making 115 so far.

I have a few updates and additions to earlier posts, the moss picture posted from Swanwick Lakes has been identified for me as Plagiothecium undulatum, so at least I got the genus right! Many thanks for the ID on that.

I have also been sent the original pictures taken by Andy Thorpe at Farlington on Sunday, thanks to Andy for allowing me to post them here.

bittern along the Stream

bittern along the Stream

male bearded tit

male bearded tit


rock pipit

rock pipit

Lastly, I managed to add one further species to my list on my way home when a tawny owl flew low over the road in front of the car, making 116.


2 thoughts on “ID and Pictures Received

  1. Yes, they put my efforts in context! Holed at home in a snow scene, so I will try and produce the map of Farlington today (if I can).

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