Not Just a Load of Rubbish

Monday was spent with the collaboration between the Swanwick Monday Volunteers and the Beechcroft Team. We were working together to clear the huge amount of debris in the sluice area where a stream disappears into a culvert. As a result of the heavy rain before Christmas there were a large number of logs and branches of various sizes that needed retrieving from the stream and the sluice.


Getting started moving the logs out





The Swanwick team made a great dent in the Laurel and managed to get a rather impressive sized fire going from last years cut material.

Tuesday, Bob and I were working with the Farlington volunteers on several different tasks in the morning and in the afternoon we went up onto the sea wall to clear the mass of assorted plastic flotsam and jetsam. It was truly incredible the amount of plastic that had ended up getting washed over the sea wall in just over two weeks. Really made me think about the amount of waste that must be floating around in our oceans. After a quick google search some very scary figures come back; 13,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre and upto 100,000 marine mammals and 1million sea birds die each year from ingesting or getting caught in associated litter ! Luckily it didn’t all wash up on Farlington, but after an hour or twos walk we collected 7 full binbags, 2 big plastic barrels, half a fishing rod, and assorted parts of a fibreglass boat. This was all without dropping down on the sea side of the wall, where we could of quite easily got 10x the haul if only we had the time and bin bags!!

Litter picking along the sea wall.

Litter picking along the sea wall.

Sea Plastic

Plastic sea

Yesterday as Bob has already blogged below we were wondering around an area of Swanwick that felt like the lost world in its own crater (created from clay extraction for the near by, now defunct, brickworks). Wild Service Trees, Manderin ducks & Lichen Heath….. It was incredible wandering around there and I’m looking forward to exploring there again. I wont say much more I’ll just show you this picture….

The Lost World

The Lost World

 Today I was working with the Beechcroft Team over at Fobdown near Alresford (although its not strictly a Solent reserve I thought I’d include it in these pages). We were busy fencing an area to allow cattle to drink from the river. It proved a tricky area to fence with all the changing gradients. This meant lots of digging in stronger ‘straining’ posts, 5 in total, in a relatively small area. It was nice to do some thing slightly different from the usual task of scrub control at this time of year.

Get your carpentry skills out - Chisels at the ready!!

Get your carpentry skills out – Chisels at the ready!!

Just the wire to go up now

Just the wire to go up now

Its been a busy first working week of 2013. I wonder what tomorrow holds………



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