Almost Returned

I have been laid up with an unidentified lurgy for the last month, so today was my first day back at the Marsh since the end of October!  I have to confess I was not there the whole day, but it was good to get out again, I am not really suited to indoor life.

reeds near the Building

reeds near the Building


I was on site to meet a contractor planning clearance works along the power lines to the north of the road, yes yet another set of contractors on site, although it will not be anything like as disruptive as the Environment Agency’s works on the seawall. I am pleased to say that the seawall works are still due to be completed by the 14th December, so perhaps things will return to something like normal thereafter.

The numbers of brent geese on the Marsh have increased a good bit, with large flocks on Main Marsh today, although apparently the red-breasted goose was not amongst them. It has been reported on sites on Portsea Island over recent days, but it seems it was not seen there either today. My bird highlight today was a fine male Dartford warbler in the brambles just east of the building.

The reserve was generally a bit of  a hive of activity today. The EA were working flat-out with more staff than ever on the seawall. The radio mast contractors were at their building by the A27, they managed to drive off the track and get bogged in, it is not called a marsh for nothing! I was on site with the powerline contractors and the Tuesday volunteers were hard at work with Rob clearing brambles in the “New Plantation” which is almost back to being the field it once was.

I hope to be well and truly back in the thick of things next week so I will try to get back to making regular posts.


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