Beechcroft Blackthorn Bashing

Today I was down at Hookheath Meadows with the Monday Beechcroft Team. We had some great numbers today, which made a scratchy & spikey job very enjoyable and satisfying.


Strangely the cows kept themselves to themselves, when they would normally come over to have a look at what we were doing and more importantly if we were cutting down anything tasty for them to eat. They must have known it was unpalatable spiney blackthorn. At Hookheath we have five Red Devon’s, the same breed of cattle that are Swanwick.  

Hookheath Cows

There is already a good number of interesting species growing in this wet grassland, hopefully this clearance will encourage the diverse flora to develop and spread.  

Unfortunately other than abit of plant spotting we didn’t see any other interesting wildlife other than a Kestrel circling over the woodland. At least we got a good area cleared and had a bonfire on bonfire night!



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