Silver Birch and Red Devons

Yesterday I spent the day down at Swanwick Lakes with the Beechcroft Team. Our task for the day was to cut back the Silver Birch and Willow sucker regrowth that is encroaching into one of the meadows.

Red Devons In the Freshly Cut Glade

While we were having tea break we spotted a small hairy caterpillar. I’m always one for learning new species so I set myself a little challenge of identifying this little creepy crawly…

Thumatha senex

To be completely honest I asked for some help on this one as I was pretty stumped. After some kind help the closest ID was found to be that of the larva of a Round-winged Muslin moth. It feeds on lichens and mosses and found in damp grasslands and marshes, which all seems to fit with this particular meadow in Swanwick. We also saw a pair of Kestrels which seemed interested in our operations, no doubt hopeful for us to disturb some tasty voles. There were also many Jays busily caching acorns for the winter months.

Corralled Red Devons

The day finished up with a spot of cattle wrangling, which proved no problem with this docile breed. The owner wanted them in the pen to treat for an eye infection called in New Forest Eye.

One thought on “Silver Birch and Red Devons

  1. Hello …
    The caterpillar on your site is not a Thumatha senex , due to the lack of featherlike bristles on the back (like Cybosia mesomella)

    I wonder, if it´s a black Phragmatobia fuliginosa instead

    Kind regards 🙂

    Kjeld Brem – Denmark

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