Many a small mammal

What a morning – Langstone Harbour

Yesterday I don’t think I could have been greeted with a better view coming into the car park at Farlington. The October sun was shining and the sea was like a mill pond.  A stunning sight.

Anyway enough of looking at the view, I was off to meet up with the Farlington Volunteers to get on with some serious work. We headed north of the A27 again to finish off getting the ditches and the stream flowing as they should.

Grubby Work – Someones Gotta do it.

 We cracked on, got it finished and even had time to give the paths in the area a quick spruce up. In the process we found this pretty shield bug.

Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina)

No doubt drawn out by the sun’s warmth. As winter progresses this Shield Bug will turn from a vibrant green to an earthy brown. A key survival strategy as the leaves drop off the trees.   They may be a common sight but nice to see none the less. Wandering around the site I was lucky enough to have a brief sighting of a water vole swimming in the ditch, undisturbed by our presence. On the drive out of the reserve there was even a little wood mouse sat in the middle of the track. What a lovely day down at Farlington!



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