Waiting in Vain

Bird News: short-eared owl 1 (but 2 reported), wheatear 2, avocet 1, yellow wagtail 1, redwing 20+, song thrush 20+, bearded tit 15+, merlin 1, red-breasted merganser 9.

Saturday started well with bright sunshine and the Bushes were alive with thrushes, including a good few redwing and migrant song thrushes, there were also blackbirds, but try as I might I could not find a ring ouzel. The warblers are falling in numbers rapidly now and I saw only a few blackcap and about 10 chiffchaff all day. I might have done better had I not wasted the first hour of the day waiting in vain for the lorry to come to empty the cess pit.

Eventually I decided enough was enough and set off round the reserve. There were good numbers of brent close in off the southern seawall, but before I could get to them a Chinook fly low over the Harbour and most flew off in the mayhem. In the big flush of birds I did pick up the avocet flying about calling excitedly. The remaining brent did include one pleasing sight, a single juvenile bird, so at least there will be some youngsters. The first to arrive are always the failed breeders so seeing a juvenile when perhaps only a quarter of the birds have arrived is a good omen.

brent and shelduck

In the Point Field a short-eared owl gave a brief display and  a pair of stonechat were on the brambles. In the Harbour a merlin was chasing the waders and a wheatear was on Baker’s Island. I could not get a picture of the owl but I did get this red admiral.

red admiral

Looking of the Point there were 9 red-breasted merganser and a merlin hunting the wader flocks. A single yellow wagtail was still with the cattle and a few swallow and house martin were flying over heading east.

After lunch I headed north of the road to see how the ponies were doing, it was pretty quiet apart from 4 or so chiffchaff and this commathe I found resting on a fence post.




2 thoughts on “Waiting in Vain

    • This something that was brought home to me the other day by the volunteers when I realised they did not use many of the names for sites around Farlington that would have been in regular use a few years ago. Soem of the areas of th ereserve are very large and without names for small features it is very hard to go to the right place. Now that you have also raised this issue I will prepare a map with all the minor features named, it might take me a few days but I will see what I can do.

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