A Big Blue Surprise

A quick early morning post, to include a picture of the overflow problem at the Farlington Marshes scrape, basically the spillway height will need adjusting, not an easy job and in the short term I think we will need to set up a siphon system to deal with the overflow.

Overflow from the Scrape causing an eroding breach.

Although I have not been on site yet today and actually won’t be today, I do have some wildlife news to trumpet. I looked out of my kitchen window at my moth trap first thing and thought there was a wren fluttering around it taking the moths, then I realised what I thought was a wren was a moth! So I rushed out and found it sitting on the side of the trap, it was a Clifden Nonpareil, or as it is now sometimes called, a blue underwing. A very large moth with black and blue underwings, only the second one I have ever seen in over thirty years of running a moth trap. I will try to post a picture later if there is ever enough light to get one as it is grey and drizzling yet again today.


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