Avocet 1 – Curlew Sandpiper 2

Bird News: avocet 1, curlew sandpiper 2, tree pipit 1 over, bearded tit 12+, wheatear 7+, whinchat 1.

I arrived just as the overnight rain was clearing, eventually it was fine and quite warm in the sunshine.

The stream just as the rain was clearing

I started out with a walk around the Bushes, there were quite a lot of warblers about, but they were almost all blackcaps, at least 35-40 and the few that were not were chiffchaffs, I did have a tree pipit flying over calling though. Two green sandpiper flew over from the north and all the while there was a steady passage of swallows and house martins heading north-east. The Bushes look good for birds that are looking for berries as there seems to be a good crop, the blackcaps were certainly eating them as were the six or so song thrushes that were behaving like migrants





Coming round to the Lake I looked over the mudflat and found 2 curlew sandpiper with 2 knot in the redshank flock beside the Lake outfall, there was also a single avoceton the mud. Later the avocet moved to the Deeps when the tide came in.

avocet asleep at the Deeps

After lunch I went north of the road for a short time, the sun was now warm and the dragonflies were out, migrant and southern hawkers, common darter and a single blue-tailed damselfly.

common darter

There were also good numbers of hoverflies like this Eristalis pertinax, one of the droneflies.

Eristalis pertinax

I also found a caterpillar enjoying the sunshine, I am pretty sure it is a ruby tiger.

ruby tiger caterpillar

A second circuit after lunch at high tide turned up a merlin out on the RSPB islands and 2 red-breasted mergansers with 22 great crested grebe in Russell’s Lake. In the reeds near the Building at least 7 bearded tit and a single reed warbler. In the end I recorded 87 species of birds during the day, not bad considering there was a very restricted range of migrants about.








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