Farlington in a Squall

Another vigorous day when avoiding getting wet was the main priority. I did venture down to Farlington for a short time in the late morning to collect an ailing mower for repair. The rain was so hard when I arrived that I waited at the gate for a while as I thought I would get soaked just unlocking it!

Looking out from the building during the continuing downpour I noticed a great black backed gull in North Marsh, it was pulling at something, possibly a dead rabbit, it was joined by the 2 ravens, although even they knew better than to challenge the gull. As is often the case the squally conditions were making the birds quite jittery and the greenshank, black-tailed godwit and teal were constantly flipping between the stream and the scrape. There were at least 11 greenshank and a single green sandpiper as well as the godwits and redshank. Over the stream near the building several swallows were gathered, including one adult with long tail streamers, usually by this time I generally only juveniles. I also saw a group of 6 brent geese flying around Shut Lake, surely newly arrived for the winter and not just the summering group.

It was noticeable, that even though the weather was grim the Cetti’s warblers were singing away for most of the time, I assume this is because they are setting up their winter territories and are competing for the best spots, even on a day like today.



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